Swiss team 2018

Information about Swiss team 2018

Information about Swiss team 2018
Information about Swiss team 2018

The Swiss team does not have much experience in Olympic football, and it is the first time that the Swiss have qualified for the Olympic Games in 84 years!

However, the Swiss won the silver medal and finished second in the 1924 tournament in France after losing to Uruguay 3-0.

The Swiss team qualified for the Olympic football tournament for the next round in Amsterdam in 1928, but failed to cross the group stage and came out of the first round following a major defeat against Germany.

In recent years, however, Swiss football has developed considerably, especially in the youth sector. The Swiss team won the U-17 World Cup in Nigeria in 2009.

Not only that, but the Swiss team also managed to get the second place in the UEFA European Championship in 2011 to get a card directly qualify for the 2012 London Olympics.

The Swiss are counting on the 2009 U-17 World Champions and European Cup holders under 21 in 2011 to achieve an achievement for the European team by passing through the group stage and qualifying for the quarter-finals at least, and even looking beyond that if possible.

The Swiss team qualified for the UEFA U-21 World Cup in Denmark in 2011. The Swiss made their group three wins in three games and beat Czech Republic in the semi-finals with a 1-0 win to reach the final.

In the final, Switzerland did not manage to withstand the Spanish tide and lost two straight goals, but received a qualification card directly to London.

The Swiss team has outstanding players like Diego Penaglio, Ricardo Rodriguez and Oliver Bove.

The Swiss will play in the second round of the World Cup, with both the South American and South American teams in South Africa and Gabon in the African Cup of Nations.

The Swiss team will face fierce competition in their quest to qualify from the group stage to the quarter-finals, but their chances remain in view of their outstanding results in the recent period.

The team is led by Tammy Pierre Luigi.


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