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Table Games World Cup 2018

Table Games World Cup 2018
Table Games World Cup 2018

The FIFA 2018 World Cup is the 21st FIFA World Cup sponsored by the International Federation of Football (FIFA), which will be hosted by Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018.

Where Russia won the honor of hosting the tournament after the decision of the International Federation of Football FIFA on 2 December 2010. Russia managed to overcome 3 nominations, winning a joint nomination between Spain and Portugal, and also won a joint nomination between the Netherlands and Belgium, and the nomination of a single for England. The first of the World Cup finals in Eastern Europe, and the first time the European continent will host the tournament after the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

European countries qualify for the 2018 World Cup

1- Russia
2- Belgium
3- Germany
4- England
5- Spain
6- Poland
7- Serbia
8- Iceland
9- France
10- Portugal
11- Switzerland
12- Croatia
13- Sweden
14- Denmark

World Cup Schedule

- Thursday, June 14

(15.00) Russia - Saudi Arabia (Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow)

- Friday 15 June

(12.00) Egypt - Uruguay (Yekaterinburg)

(15.00) Morocco - Iran (St. Petersburg)

(18.00) Portugal - Spain (Sochi)

- Saturday, June 16

(10.00) France - Australia (Kazan)

(13.00) Argentina - Iceland (Spartak, Moscow)

(16.00) Peru - Denmark (Saransk)

(19.00) Croatia - Nigeria (Kaliningrad)

- Sunday 17 June

(12.00) Costa Rica - Serbia (Samara)

(15.00) Germany - Mexico (Luzhniki, Moscow)

(18.00) Brazil - Switzerland (Rostov-on-Don)

- Monday, June 18

(12.00) Sweden - South Korea (Novgorod)

(15.00) Belgium - Panama (Sochi)

(18.00) England - Tunisia (Volgograd)

- Tuesday 19 June

(12.00) Poland - Senegal (Moscow)

(15.00) Colombia - Japan (Saransk)

(18.00) Russia - Egypt (St. Petersburg)

- Wednesday 20 June

(12.00) Portugal - Morocco (Luzhniki, Moscow)

(15.00) Uruguay - Saudi Arabia (Rostov-on-Don)

(18.00) Iran - Spain (Kazan)

- Thursday 21 June

(12.00) France - Peru (Yekaterinburg)

(15.00) Denmark - Australia (Samara)

(18.00) Argentina - Croatia (Novgorod)

- Friday, June 22

(12.00) Brazil - Costa Rica (Saint Petersburg)

(15.00) Nigeria - Iceland (Volgograd)

(18.00) Serbia - Switzerland (Kaliningrad)

- Saturday, June 23

(12.00) Belgium - Tunisia (Spartak, Moscow)

(15.00) Germany - Sweden (Sochi)

(18.00) South Korea - Mexico (Rostov-on-Don)

- Sunday, June 24

(12.00) England - Panama (Novgorod)

(15.00) Japan - Senegal (Nkternborg)

(18.00) Poland - Colombia (Kazan)

- Monday, June 25

(14.00) Saudi Arabia - Egypt (Volgograd)

(14.00) Uruguay - Russia (Samara)

(18.00) Spain - Morocco (Kaliningrad)

(18.00) Iran - Portugal(Saransk)

- Tuesday 26 June

(14.00) Denmark - France (Luzhniki, Moscow)

(14.00) Australia - Peru (Sochi)

(18.00) Nigeria - Argentina (St. Petersburg)

(18.00) Iceland - Croatia (Rostov-on-Don)

- Wednesday, June 27

(14.00) South Korea - Germany (Kazan)

(14.00) Mexico - Sweden (Samara)

(18.00) Switzerland - Costa Rica (Kaliningrad)

(18.00) Serbia - Brazil (Saransk)

- Thursday 28 June

(14.00) Japan - Poland (Volgograd)

(14.00) Senegal - Colombia (Samara)

(18.00) England - Belgium (Kaliningrad)

(18.00) Panama - Tunisia (Saransk)

We wish success to the teams of the European teams to reach the finals and win the championship.



Russia 2018 stadiums ready to receive the masses

Russia 2018 stadiums ready to receive the masses
Russia 2018 stadiums ready to receive the masses

After the final draw for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia and the 32 teams competing against their opponents in the group stage, it is now time to take a look at the 12 venues that will host the 64 games to be held in Russia next summer.

Five of the stadiums are now fully ready, with four of them - Spartak in Moscow and Fiesch in Sochi, Kazan Arena and St. Petersburg - hosting the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in June and July. The Luzniki Stadium, the main venue for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, with the opening and closing matches, was recently reopened after a major reconstruction was completed, with a friendly match between Russia and Argentina.

In the other seven stadiums that will host the finals, preparations are in the final stages, and the stadiums will soon be ready to welcome the football audience from around the world.

The first match will take place in the Kaliningrad stadium on 16 June between Croatia and Nigeria. This stadium is now 90% ready. The entire structure of the stadium has been fully assembled and weighs more than 15,000 tons. Seats are now installed on the stands and interior decoration of the stadium.

Kaliningrad Stadium - Russia 2018 World cup
Kaliningrad Stadium - Russia 2018 World cup 

One match will be hosted by the Volgograd stadium, the match between Tunisia and England on June 18. In this newly built stadium, the pitch has been installed and the grass is ready before the winter months. Colored windows and entrances are now installed in the stadium, seats are placed on the stands and protective barriers are built.

Volgograd  Stadium - Russia 2018 World cup
Volgograd  Stadium - Russia 2018 World cup 

On 21 June, France will face Peru at Ekaterinburg, the farthest western destination in Russia's 2018 geography. Experts say the stadium is 98% ready. The old parts of the stadium that has been preserved have now been completely restored and serve as a cultural heritage. The lighting system and multimedia interface have been installed, and the area surrounding the stadium is being developed and the facilities under the stadium are being finalized.

Ekaterinburg  Stadium - Russia 2018 World cup
Ekaterinburg  Stadium - Russia 2018 World cup

Nizhny Novgorod will host Sweden and South Korea on June 18 next year. The stadium's groundwork was completed and preliminary preparations were initiated to build the front of the stadium, made of a wind-proof white and blue windscreen.

Novgorod  Stadium - Russia 2018 World cup

Novgorod  Stadium - Russia 2018 World cup 

In the stadium of Mordovia, Colombia and Japan face 19 June. In this stadium the work of consolidation and casting and the process of assembling the metal frame and laying ground foundations and the cultivation of the grass surface. Work continues on the stadium's roof, front and temporary stands.

Mordovia  Stadium - Russia 2018 World cup

Rostov-on-Don will welcome Brazil and Switzerland on 17 June. The suspended ceilings of the Rostov stadium are being completed, elevators, escalators and doors are being built. The area surrounding the stadium and the installation of fences around it are also being developed.

Rostov-on-Don  Stadium - Russia 2018 World cup
Rostov-on-Don  Stadium - Russia 2018 World cup

The first match to be hosted by Samara Stadium is the confrontation between Costa Rica and Serbia on 17 June. The stadium's roof is being built and the facade of the stadium and its interior facilities are being decorated and work on the field is progressing rapidly.

Samara  Stadium - Russia 2018 World cup
Samara  Stadium - Russia 2018 World cup

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